What the hell, Masta Wu?

Anyone who is familiar with the early days of YG knows who Masta Wu is.  He was the Tiger JK of the label, bringing that sense of the core of hip-hop that wasn’t watered down and aimed at a pop audience (though he did do some pop tracks that we still love until this day).  He always gave energy to the track and came off real, a must on any artist but especially for rappers.

But this track…it reeks of try-hard.  And from an artist who doesn’t have to try this hard, it falls extra flat.  His flow, his lyricism…everything is just dull.  And this is not his typical style.  It’s only been two years since he teamed up with Dok2 and Bobby to deliver his last track for YG Entertainment and he more than held his own.  Not that there aren’t sparks of what we like about him, but it’s only a few bars between the odd English lines that just don’t suit him or sound right being delivered by him.

When it comes to Dok2, though, he delivers on this track.  His flow is fire over the dark and deliberate production.  In contrast to Masta Wu, he sounds engaged and in control of his section and the beat.  If he comes like this on the next Illionaire compilation or his solo album, we will be satisfied (not holding our breath, though).

We recommend this if you love trap of all stripes.  It doesn’t quite drift into mumble-rap territory, but it will not be a blessing on every set of ears.  We’re just hoping Masta Wu’s next track has him bringing the fire like he used to.