Fantasia’s last album, The Definition Of…, is a bit of mixed bag musically.  The overall throwback sound of the project is fine and actually suits her voice well, but it also seems to end several times before you get to the last track.  But part of the reason that the latter half of the album is so hard on you is because the first half is magic, especially this track.

I think, at this point, it’s fair to say that Fantasia is one of those singers who can really articulate love and heartache well.  She just has a way of getting at the emotion heart of things and When I Met You is no different.  Not to be confused with When I See You from the singer’s second album, these two tracks do share that unique, happy love feeling that comes from someone who has been through a lot of crap and has come out the other side (hopefully) wiser and with greater perspective.  This track has the American Idol alum reflecting on how grateful she is to an ex that treated her badly because his actions told he what a good relationship would not be.

Fantasia sounds amazing.  Her delivery is a lot smoother than we usually get from her, even and almost completely free of adlibs.  The interesting thing is that it works well for this track.  It’s so matter-of-fact because she’s telling her lover (and husband) something important and doesn’t want it caught up in the deliver.  Emotion comes from the words and the earnestness of her tone.  The song is lovely through and through, with the production being simple in terms of repetitiveness but with enough flushed out elements to be more than just a generic background for a good singer’s vocals.

We really wish she had led with this track, but we’ll take it now…gratefully.