We like this a lot more than the lead single.

The thing we didn’t like about All About Me was how it sounded like everything else that we hear on the radio daily.  For her second (soon to be released) single, Syd brings the same dark production but teams it up with her sweet, upper-register vocals and a seductive song about how entrancing her paramour is when she lets herself be free and they enjoy one another.

It’s the throbbing bass up against Syd’s vocals that really gets on this one.  Despite how low the beat is in register, her voice still comes through like an ethereal angel.  This is likely no accident as it seems to match the them of the song in terms of sexuality and sensuality meeting respect and real caring.  She doesn’t do a lot of adlibs and her delivery is very straightforward, but it’s exactly what the song needs and ends up being exactly what the listener needs to hear.

Add to that lyrics that feel genuine and yet are so much the opposite of what you might expect from this track in terms of femininity and gentleness and you have a winning combination.  We are a lot more excited about this album than we were a week ago and, we have feeling, it’s only going to get better from here.

Syd’s album Fin comes out February 3 and is available for pre-order now.