Well, hello, Missy!  Where you been?

Never let it be said that you slept on the greatness that is Missy Elliott.  From the era when female rappers dominated the charts in a way that few have since, she knows how to hone her craft and make it work for her audience.  Her last track, WTF, may have been a little to dated for the new school of hip-hop in terms of brightness and style, but she seems to have worked out the kinks and really brought her A-game.

She may be switching up her flow some, but Missy is still bringing her own flavor and flair to the track.  And it really is only a small stylistic change as you can hear her core sound emanating from the track.  The flow is just a little more modern and the production just a little more minimal and darker than what we are normally used to from her.

Because of that, it’s a real possibility that this could offer the rapper the hit that has been eluding her since she was forced to pull back from the performance position due to illness.  There is enough her for the old fanbase to feel left behind, but also enough her to pick up some new listeners, too.  And, of course, with her and director Dave Meyers collaboration on the video, you get all of the genuine article that she is without any filters.

No word if this for an album or a one-shot.