Stir me, Lorine!

At this point in the history of our blog, we have to wonder why Lorine Chia is not more of a big deal.  She has an incredible voice that is fit for a lot of different styles of music, as demonstrated by projects like The Naked Truth, ONO.MATO.POEIC, and Introduction To Sweet Noise.

This time she coming at us with full jazz soul thanks to teaming up with L.A.-based producer Romero Mosley.  To say that we were not prepared for the light that this brought us was an understatement.  Chia’s voice, raspy and rough, doesn’t seem like it would work with the coolness of jazz percussion and understated organs, but it does in a way that is completely unexpected and yet very much a part of a jazz tradition.  She gives you that slightest twang in her tone while still managing to keep the overall mood smooth.  You come away wondering why she hadn’t done something like this sooner because it just suites her style so well.

The production is excellent.  Mosley gives wonderfully varied tracks that are cohesive in a group but nowhere near similar sounding.  The jazz styling of the project is not limited to one particular segment of genre either.  There is a hint of something Spanish on tracks like Speak and Find Your Love.  There’s a little something seventies on Intergalactic Love and Abracadabra Let It Go is modern but with tribal elements that take it that extra step into amazing.  Everything flows and the pace of the tracks is even while still offering enough tempo difference to be appealing to different ears.

The lyrics, as is often the case with Chia, are solid.  She comes through with that mixture of the poetic and prosaic again, making for tracks that can work on a surface level but also give you that deeper something, be it an emotional story or the realization that she asking something much more of her lover than just a one night stand, that makes the tracks really worth listening to over and over again.  Everything is sensual without being overtly sexual and every track is can work for you whether you’re in a new relationship or something that has the potential to last forever.

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