Lorine Chia was one of the first artist I covered on this site (plus I actually purchased The Naked Truth) and I’ve been really impressed with how she has maintained a core individual style while still experimenting around the edges.  Here latest freelease seems to take a lot of the things that were great about that first album and smooths them out for an experience that really just makes you vibe.

Introduction To Sweet Noise is the perfect intersection between the natural grit of Chia’s vocals and the gentleness of the somewhat jazzy and relaxed style of the productions that she chose.  There is a progression to the beatwork that joins them together in a way that really works but every song is different than the one before and after it.  Her vocals are the overall joining factor thanks to the style that she sings in, but it’s not in a way that you would think.  A cursory listen might make you think that she has that monotone flow that is popular now, but there is depth to tone there.  Her delivery is such that it makes notes sound level while simultaneously still transitioning up and down the scale.

Lyrically, this album is fun but with that “take a second listen” depth that ups the chance that you will find something that hits your mood on more than one occasion.  You get really obvious songs like Two Blunts (do I really have to explain that), but then there are songs like Never Give Up which, while maintaining the overall mood of the set, brings some inspiration and encouragement that could get you through a rough day.

AND she got one of the better Wiz Khalifa features I’ve ever heard.  Total win.

Sidenote: I would really like to see her duet with Anderson .Paak.

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