It is rare for a female singer to be able to flex in the same way that rappers do and still manage to come of as authentic.  Lorine Chia has managed to do just that.  Maybe that is why she decided to call her debut album Naked Truth.  From songs about the streets to introspective anthems, there is a little something for everyone.  Lorine is the truth!

The entire album is now available as a single audio file download for free.  Click the arrow in the player to get yours.

1. Fly High (prod by Givtyd)
2. Bout It (prod by R!O & Kamo)
3. Might Come Around (prod by Nate Fox)
4. Da Fire (prod by D&D)
5. Go Deep (skit)
6. Lost In My Mind (prod by Vitamin D & R!O)
7. Feel The Music (prod by Nate Fox)
8. Wondering Where (prod by Vitamin D Co-Prod by R!O)
9. New Friends (prod by Nate Fox)
10. Strange Fruit (skit) (prod by Nate Fox)
11. Eve’s Perspective (prod by D&D)
12. House On The Hill (prod by D&D)
13. Dance In The Rain (prod by Givtyd)
*14. Good Enough (prod by Audio Dope)
*Bonus Track