Blizzard’s MMO shooter Overwatch was one of the biggest games of 2016 (and still receiving some dope updates for those who are interested jumping in).  The game also sports a seriously solid instrumental soundtrack that, while flowing more to the classical, still can get you hype to play. So it shouldn’t surprise us that rapper Flowsik has teamed with the production team of Blizzard to make an anthem for the game and it does, indeed, Go Hard.

As with many of Flowsik’s tracks, this is bilingual; flowing effortlessly between Korean and English.  The downside is that it can be hard to get the full gist of his wordplay without understanding both, but you can still admire the flow he puts out there.  The production bumps with electronic flourishes on the chorus that work in context to the game’s overarching style but also add a little extra to the hip-hop overtones of the other sections.  Flowsik also does a little singing and, to our surprise, is a little more mellow than we thought given his gruff, natural speaking voice.

We’ll bring you a translation as soon as we can.