The last time we covered Josué was back in 2015 with his Bad News EP, a jazzy joint that is still worth taking a listen to almost two years later.  This time, the Australian native is changing things up just a little bit while still giving us the same quality of sound and lyrical content.

M.o.D. falls into the soulful side of the trip hop scale as the three tracks presented play up the R&B and jazz elements of the style more than the purely electronic.  The production is very chill despite an underlying thump.  This is especially true of the track Million, which is bursting with energy thanks to the skittering drum, sexy electric guitar, and sound effects overlays.  All the tracks were produced by the team of Josué and M.o.D, we are interested in seeing more come from this collaboration in the future.

The vocals on the set are rich and full as Josué does a good job of channeling the chill undertone of the music without sounding sleepy over the pulse of the beat.  His adlibs add that extra oomph to every song, but are pretty rare in the grand scheme.  The harmonies are lush in sections and dialed back in others, but never sound too little or too much for the moment.

The lyrics are actually pretty varied for a three-song projects as he sings first about trying to figure out if a relationship is worth it, then about getting his money up, then about the futility and savagery of war.  The production would seem to have lended itself to some solid babymakers, but kudos to the singer/songwriter for going in a different direction and wanting to explore other topics with his music.

A solid project that needs more attention, we hope this is only the beginning for the singer and this particular phase of his creativity.