You’re probably wondering, “Who the hell is Jack Herrera?”

Put simply, Jack Herrera is the a trio formed by Jon B. (using the name Boogoti) and two of his backup singers from the Cool Relax tour, DominiQuinn & Silky Deluxe.  The music they ended up recording was  little different that Jon B.’s solo work in that there is a little more jazz in the production and the lyrics are little more centered the mundane, less-romantic parts of a relationship that determine longevity.  The vocal style will be familiar to anyone who is a fan, but the variations and harmonies switch things up and are a little richer than you might expect.

Sometimes called Retro Futuristo, this album is officially listed as unreleased, but there are copies of it floating around out there.  It can be hard to find (cough, cough) but it is worth it to try and track it down just to hear the singer in a slightly different element.

Sidenote:  There is also a feature on the set from back when the Black Eyed Peas were still on that Joints & Jams tip, so it’s solidly rapped and makes sense in the context of the song.  The album’s worth a listen for that alone.