In honor of one of our favorite singers being a little less Unsung with his own episode of the TVOne signature series airing tonight (January 18), we decided to dedicate today’s post to him and let you hear why he still has such a dedicated fan base.

Pretty Girl was the follow-up to Someone To Love, the singer’s debut single, and it was just that song.  At this point in his career, they were still banking on how much he sounded like Babyface with a lot of his songs being co-written by the mentor.  Mistaken identity might have played into to some of the track’s popularity (as Babyface had never gotten this explicit in his tracks and fans were swooning at the thought), but they stayed for the Jon B. and what he had to offer beyond this.  It didn’t hurt that the video showed the singer to be easy on the eyes and having an interest in women of color.

The song was so good that All That (the Nickelodeon show) had the singer on to perform the track while having him only do adlibs for the last line of the chorus and sexual second verse.