This was the album that separated Jon B. from his mentor, Babyface, and really brought him into his own.

If there was one Jon B. album that you had/have to purchase, this is it.  It wasn’t a complete 180 turn from his previous album, Bonafide, but there was more of the singer himself here.  Yes; you can still here the Babyface influences on him when it comes to instrumentation and production, but the lyrics and the total vibe of the project had a very different flavor.  More about love in the sensual sense, more about his personal life (including his engagement on Whatcha Say Boo?), more hood flavor.  His vocals were engaging from beginning to end and the album as a whole told the story of a man in love who dealt with the ups and downs in a way that was adult and compromising without seeming “soft.”

Plus…Tupac.  The song may have been released after his death, but it was obvious from the fact that he actually said Jon B.’s name that this would have been one of those dope collab videos that people would have talked about for years (instead of just a throwaway verse that the singer managed to nip from the rapper’s large collection of unreleased material, which did happen).