Seeking to honor Sade and Aaliyah on their shared birthday (January 16), Va$htie has put together a pretty good mix of the singers’ most memorable tracks.

Starting off with Mr. Rogers singing his birthday song, the set switches back and forth between two singer, with one never getting more time than the other.  You can come away from set with an interesting realization about the vocal similarities between the two singers in terms of delivery style and sweetness of tone.  They, by no means, sound alike but you do realize that there may have been an influence of one on the other.  The transitions are nice and there are actually very few remixes overall.  Only the inexplicable speed up of tracks towards the end of the set is off-putting, primarily because its just really noticeable.  It’s relatively short, but you will find yourself looking for the full versions of the tracks to enjoy (good luck with Aaliyah’s though; her label isn’t allowing streaming of her albums and is limiting reprints).

Sidenote: This set is also dedicated to FKA Twigs and Kate Moss, who also have the January 16 as their birthday.  We didn’t focus on them because, despite the inclusion of FKA Twigs on the 4 Page Letter remix later in the set, the mixtape doesn’t include anything from them.  Yes; Kate Moss does have some music out there as a featuring artist.

Introduction | “Happy Birthday” performed by Mr. Rogers
“At Your Best” – Aaliyah
“The Moon & The Stars” – Sade
“We Need A Resolution” – Aaliyah
“Cherish The Day” – Sade
“Hot Like Fire” – Aaliyah
“By Your Side” (Neptunes Remix) – Sade
“Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” – Aaliyah
“No Ordinary Love” – Sade
“If Your Girl Only Knew” – Aaliyah
“Sweetest Taboo” – Sade
“Back & Forth” – Aaliyah
“Rock The Boat” – Aaliyah
“Like Paradise” – Sade
“Hang On To Your Love” – Sade
“Couldn’t Love You More” – Sade Remix by Matrixxman & Vin Sol
MTV Diary: Aaliyah Interview
“2 Weeks 4 Page Letter” – Aaliyah x FKA Twigs Remix by Raheem D.
“Smooth Operator” – Sade