Jon B.’s third album, Pleasures U Like, was more experimental in terms of sound compared to his previous projects.  Most of the tracks had different feel to them and almost all completely dropped any sonic connection to Babyface.  It had also been more than four years since Cool Relax and there was a major improvement in the singer’s vocals with more demonstration of range on adlibs and the ability to support minimalist tracks like Calling On You without the track sounding empty.

The difference of production led to some fans not being as into this as his previous album, but it has aged incredibly well.  One of the reasons for that is, besides the more experimental stuff, there is some really R&B-tracks.  Our two favorites, Cocoa Brown and Overjoyed, benefit from good lyrical writing, strong production, and a singer who gives his all to ever note without over doing it.

Sidenote: Tracks six through nine on this album are actually all like this and just as good; probably our favorite songs on the album outside Calling On You.


Cocoa Brown: