Come through with that good ish, Seohyun!

If there is one downside to the current era of Kpop that focuses almost exclusively on groups to the detriment of solo artists is that you get some really good singers that don’t always get their chance to shine away from their respective units.  This is especially true of the larger groups like Girls’ Generation.

But Seohyun is getting her chance and has taken full advantage of it.

The strength of the vocal abilities of any member of Girls’ Generation isn’t really a surprise, but the songstress still managed to hit us hard with the first notes of the first track and almost never let up until the end.  There is such a sensual quality to her voice that doesn’t always come through in the group that just sells the majority of the tracks.  She sounds engaged and lively, but she also brings the right tone so that she doesn’t sound overly sexy when she needs to be confident and self-assured in a hard choice.

The lyrics are good, though we’re having a little trouble judging them based on the translations we’ve seen so far.  The set seems to be telling a story about a woman going through the ups and downs of love, but it’s a little hard to see if their is interconnection between the songs or if they are just similarly themed.

The production of the set, for the most part, is very based in nineties R&B but doesn’t sound dated.  It’s clear that SM Entertainment is going for an overall nineties throwback vibe for a lot of their releases and it works with Seohyun’s voice.  There is also a nice variation presented that keeps the listener from getting bored and, with only one exception, still flows together.

Our favorite tracks are Don’t Say No, Magic, and Lonely Love.  The most skippable track is Love & Affection due to the fact that the electronic production is a major departure from everything else in the set and the obvious strain on Seohyun’s vocals.

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