You would be forgiven, at this point, if you thought that Jessi won the first season of Unpretty Rapstar; she’s gotten a lot more exposure than the actual winner, Cheetah.  Despite putting out singles and guesting on a few songs, the rapper has been pretty low-key in her promotion and the promised album has yet to appear.  That may be changing though, because there has been an uptick in her releases and the dancey Style Diet looks to be a reset for the emcee.

What we can understand of the lyrics, this track is about being more than your outer appearance and be something with more substance.  Cheetah does a good job bringing a brighter flow to this track than what she is sometimes known for and the vocal balance with singer Kangnam, who’s tone is deeper and somewhat sultry, is a good one.  The production, while a little generic, has a nice sound and is more accessible to a larger crowd than the darker beats the rapper sometimes favors.

We can only hope that this means good things in 2017 for Cheetah.  We really want her to show us and the world what she is all about.

We’ll put up the translated lyrics soon.