Oppa…my feels.

After a three year hiatus and delaying the promise of a comeback for more than a year, the OG king of Kpop has finally made his return with Psy-produced The Best Present.

The vocals for the track are great.  Rain has always been that kind of singer, the one who just knows how to infuse the proper emotional resonance into his performance to get the right response from his audience.  He manages to keep things interesting while doing very little in note variation for most of the track.  While light on the adlibs, the ones that are there at the end, especially the high note at the key change, will take a lot listeners by surprise.

The production for the track is probably going to be the biggest determination for international fans (at least, the younger ones).  This is probably the first time that Rain has made a comeback with a more traditional Korean-style ballad so, despite the beat and underlying bass providing some nice pickup, it may not be the bop that a lot of people could have been expecting.  That doesn’t make the song hard to listen to, though, as the touches that the singer added to Psy’s production to make it sound more his own are much appreciated and do lift the beatwork out of the more generic range it could have sunken into.

Lyrically, from what we were able to glean from the somewhat bad translations we’ve seen of the song so far, this appears to be an ode the singer’s longtime girlfriend Kim Tae Hee.  It speaks on the bond that the two have and how he wishes to be as positive an effect on her life to her as she has been on his.  The transition to white in the video coincides with the song speaking on her appearing before him in a wedding dress as he promises to love her forever.  It’s very sweet and continues the singer’s pattern of writing personal lyrics for his slower tracks.

Subtitles are currently being.  They usually appear in Korean first before they are translated to English.  Just click the [CC] button in the player (when it becomes available).