Trey Songz is finally giving us the Tremaine album that he promised us back in 2015 and he’s also giving us a new Anticipation mixtape to get us ready!

One of the things that a listener will notice is that a large number of tracks feature MikeXAngel, another Virginia Crooner that Songz has a friendship with.  This is a little disconcerting because the two of them sound a lot alike when they sing with the only major difference being that MikeXAngel sounds younger.  If you can get past that though, this is actually pretty enjoyable.

No; this is not a lyrical powerhouse by any means.  Songz knows his lane and stays in it; babymakers and mood-setters with a little sense of humor about them.  The appeal is the how his vocals sound over the beats and, for the most part, he accomplishes what he sets out to do.  Songz like 93 Unleaded and Vibrator are a bit unwanted in the total mood of the set as they break the momentum with their more hip-hop and brash style, but you get what you came for…especially if you’re a Trey Songz fan.

Some people may misunderstand the point of the Anticipation series.  Yes; the point is to get his fans ready for a new album, but it’s also to showcase the strength and direction of that album.  Most of these tracks are likely demo and rejected tracks that didn’t make the official set.  That explains why songs like I Got Time and Gonna Be are incomplete.  It also explains why this set focuses more on the lovemaking within a relationship, as Tremaine is supposed to be a different side of the singer than Trigga.

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