Boy; are we glad we heard this before seeing the No Shadow video.

If there was one thing that we are happy about with this album is that Jun. K comes with the vocal confidence that we though he was missing on his Mr. NO♡ EP.  And it’s not like the production has been brightened up a lot (although that is the case on some songs) to make his vocals stronger in comparison; he approaches the songs with the same ferocity that he brings to the adlibs that we liked so much the first time around and it works.  The album is still primarily rooted in the R&B sound, but there are some jazz elements that make their way through, especially on several of the later tracks.  These show off another aspect of the singer’s voice–the seducer–to great effect.  The gentleness of his natural tone works well on these tracks and you get a soothing feeling from the moment he opens his mouth.

Now, with the good being said, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  There is a fine line between stepping out of your comfort zone and being try-hard.  Jun. K has flirted with trap in section of R&B tracks that may not have needed it with Think About You, but he goes too far with No Shadow.  A majority of the song is fine with him singing and that rap/sing thing; but the sections where he tries to throw in the trap rap adlibs and the beginning of the second verse just don’t fit (and the beat-switch doesn’t help).  What was a low-key element of the first release is too prominent on this one and, frankly, pretty cringe-worthy.  The weird think is that he does have two rap tracks on this set and they come off better than the lead single.  We can only guess it was just a weird vocal performance choice that no one called him on.

Our favorite tracks are Phone Call, No Goodbye, and Just One Night.  The most skippable track in the set is No Shadow (for reasons we already stated) and Your Wedding because of the foreign-language-ballad effect.