If there was one disappointment that the listeners to H.E.R., Vol. 1 might have had with the set is that the last song, Pigment.  She tells us how she and the person in question came to get together, says what [they] had was beautiful and then the track fades as she begins to tell us what went wrong.  The story was incomplete.

Now, probably due to fans asking for the rest of the tale, she has released the full track and, despite only being double the length the original version, it takes you on a complex ride.  Two people, more physically attracted to one another than anything else, drift apart because they cannot connect anymore.  The way that she balances the singing and spoken word parts of the track is expert and really makes you connect to what she’s saying.  The entire experience is poetic and the jazzy, down-tempo beat amplifies that feeling.   We are now more excited than ever for her full album to drop.