While Junho and the rest of 2PM do promotions in Japan for their recent releases, Jun. K takes the opportunity to release his first solo album and the first single and video are pure thirst trap.

Think About You has him singing about his regret over breaking the heart of a woman that he realized, too late, cared deeply for him.  The production on this track is pure R&B, with a lot of elements that nineties babies will recognize, especially those Teddy Riley synth runs over the final bridge.  Vocally, Jun. K tends to stick to more traditional singing styles, but he does sneak some trap delivery towards the end.  When that happens, it can take you out of the moment a little, but it doesn’t ruin the song.  As a vocalist, he is a little bit of mixed back for the style of music he’s chosen.  He’s got those adlibs down and the end of the song with the runs and high notes are some of the best moments of the song, but his core style is still very pop and it can show in sections where he’s just singing the song straight.

Ultimately, the song isn’t bad, but it may have been done better service by someone else.

As for the visual, we think being labelmates with Rain for a while may have had a little influence on him as soloist.  Never removing his shirt for promotions with his group, Jun. K is disrobing like a pro and working in a little crotch action.  A word of warning; have lots of water handy before watching.

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