We missed this gem when it was released back in November, but there’s no time like the present for you to give it a listen.

Singer/songwriter 11:11 has been in this game for a minute but we are having a hard time finding out anything about him.  All we do know about him is that he’s another one hailing from Toronto and he has a pretty nice voice.

The 11/11 freEP, named so because that was the day of its release, may be brief but it tells a story to its listener.  You hear a man coming to terms with his feeling for a woman and making a decision to act on them.  What really sells this set is the lyrics; they come from a place that’s a little hood but completely grounded in mature feelings and situations.  The writer is being honest about his feelings in a way that is true to him but is also respectful to the person he’s talking about.

The downside of this might be the production.  Much like what we got with H.E.R., the pace is slow and not all that varied.  If you aren’t in the right mood for it, this could easily make you tune out.  But, just like with that EP, if you are in for something with substance and a man that isn’t talking about scooping up all the women he can before the night is over, you will enjoy this.

There’s also a video for our favorite track in the set, Let’s Get Married.

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