If you’ve come here looking for mumble rap, you need to move on; this is hip-hop with beat and substance.

The sequel to his previous project, Meanwhile, and continuing the story of the rapper leaving his home of Philadelphia to move to Los Angeles to make his way in the industry, Flythe’s somewhat monotone flow belies the wit and introspection of his lyrics.  Yes; you get some braggadocio here, but it’s tempered with that sense of fallibility and vulnerability that comes from not quite having your footing and still trying to find your way to your dreams.  He is always checking himself and making sure that he’s finding that space between what is expected of him and what he wants to do, usually to good effect.

The teaming of the production and the lyrics are what really get you when you listen.  All of the tracks are mid-tempo and dark, but at no time does this feel depressing.  There is an underlying hopefulness that comes through and makes this very repeatable.  There are also these sound effects that come in at just the right moment to underline the statement he just made.  It shows a kind of thought about the joining of words and beat that a lot of artists don’t put in.

The tracks in this set are fairly short, with everything under four minutes, so you might find yourself headed over to his SoundCloud page to get another fix.  We encourage you to do so; these are the kinds of rappers that need our attention in order to survive and thrive in the microwave hip-hop world.