The Lee Siblings have returned with their second album just in time for Lee Chanhyuk to leave for his military service (getting it out of the way) and it’s quite a good note to take a hiatus on.  The vocals are crisp and the songwriting is diverse, making for some really good ear candy for the winter months.  But if that weren’t enough, they also have posted a short film to their YouTube account that may seek to ease the fears of their fans as they split up for the first time in their lives.

The visual chronicles the siblings journey after they have a fight about their roles as members of a duo.  Each deciding to go solo and shoot a video with another person that they believe makes up for the deficiencies of the other; Suhyun looking for a handsome many to replace her “ugly brother” and Chanhyuk looking for a “dream girl” with whom he has perfect chemistry.  We won’t spoil the story, but the ending proves that these siblings will always find their way back to each other.

The 22-minute film uses audioclips from their new album as background for the scene transitions, but they also perform some nice impromptu acoustic versions of the track and Chanhyuk does a cute refix of a velvet underground song (sorry; we can’t place it) while waiting for his dream girl to appear.

If you want to listen to the album, you can stream it over on our Audiomack page; we’ll do a full post on it tomorrow.

The video is subtitled, so you’re good if you speak English.  Just hit the [CC] button in the player.