It’s been almost three years since we initially covered this track, but when Manny X recently got in touch with us to let us know that there was a video, we thought it was time to take a second listen and we are even more in love with this song than we were when we first heard it.

The production of the track is a nice intersection of R&B and jazz (with a little bit of cowbell that I can hear in the background).  His has a nice grown-up sound to it, but it doesn’t sound dated as the production has a nice thump for your speakers.  As for the vocals, Manny X has that tenor that a lot of male singers wish they had.  It’s in that range where he’s not so high that he sounds like a kid but not so low that he slips into that weird mid-tone where he sounds low-energy.  The adlibs are great and give a lot of personality to the track.  About pursuing the woman in question like smooth predator with dogged determination, the lyrics are coherent and the metaphor is maintained with strength throughout.

As for the visual, the storyline seems to have Manny donning the persona of a thirties-era gangster with the hottest speakeasy in town.  That dance breakdown towards the end is nice, although we don’t appreciate the singer teasing us like he was about to break it down, too.