It’s been a rough.  Finals, weather-related colds, bad internet, and a possible emergency hosting change.  Everything fell off a cliff last week…and landed on top of us.

But never let it be said that anything can keep us down!  All of these issue have been worked out we will be back with a bunch of new music, especially Christmas music, tomorrow.

The resolution to the hosting issue is the one we’re most happy about.  We discovered on the last day of major posting (December 15) that WordPress had lost its Audiomack embed functionality.  We were trying to write something about why being able to provide players through this site is important, but @erinasimon did it for us.

The good news is that the Audiomack embeds are back and all of our posts that only contained links to the tracks and albums that are hosted there have been changed so that they feature players again.  Click around and enjoy.


The Management (Kelcine)