If there is one place where our love for all things kpop waivers is the Korean ballad.  It’s not that they are bad or anything like that; it’s just that the point of those piano-led tracks is for the listener to connect the meaning of the words with the emotions of the singer’s voice and have an instantaneous feeling.  Because of the translation gap, we are often missing a key element that makes songs like that work and they lose a lot of their impact…

That is, of course, unless you’re talking about a Christmas song.  The general feeling of the season translates well into all languages and, even without being able to understand everything, you can get the general gist of what’s going on enough for the connection to be made.

That’s why we’re totally in love with the new EXO Christmas EP.  A lot more focused on vocals overall than many of their other projects, this is one that people love the mature side of this group are going to flock to.  The production is thoroughly in the Christmas mood without being cheesy and most of the tracks get you in the Yuletide mood (the exception being Twenty Four which comes off as way too comical to listen to seriously).  The lyrics continue the improvement we’ve seen from the group as they have aged.

Our favorite tracks are Falling For You and What I Want For Christmas.  The most skippable track is Twenty Four.

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