Oh, snap!!!  Bring that soul in for the holidays!

At this point, the Hamiltones might have a slightly higher profile than the man they backup sing for (Anthony Hamilton).  Their fun and quirky, acapella songs often make the rounds on social media and they get just as much praise for making their style accessible to new ears as they do for the actual work they do.  Everyone has wanted them to release an album (which is supposed to be coming next year), but it seemed so far away…

So imagine our surprise when this blew down from heaven!

Consisting of five new tracks, the trio show that all you need for a good Christmas is some strong vocals and some throwback soul.  The vocals in this set are on point with beautifully full harmonies and thrilling leads that play off each other in the way that only people who have worked together for a long time.  There is always the potential when several people with full, rich vocals to overdo it when they get together and either try to out-sing each other or sound like a cacophony of chaos.  None of that happened here; The Hamiltones always give you just the right amount of power in each note and the adlibs work well to highlight the lead while still allowing the lead to be the focal point.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t entirely a Christmas EP.  Only the first two tracks really have anything to do with the holiday and the second track is a stretch.  But it’s still a totally enjoyable set that will keep you warm on a cold, winter’s night.