These beautiful, African sisters (in the blood sense) are known for putting out a Christmas song every year since their debut, but this time they topped themselves and put out a five-track EP.

The lead single, Xmas Love, has them bringing the beat of The Continent to a holiday love jam.  When you see the title, you don’t immediately think of a track that you can dance to, but that’s what you’re getting.  The African rhythms on the production immediately give you that bounce, but it doesn’t feel wrong for the track.  The lyrics are pretty good with only a hint of the sexy overtones in a few spots.  The rest of the track could easily be a sweet love ode to someone special or, if you read into it, the entire world (but you would have to overlook the part about being down for whatever).

The sisters voices, being that they are related, sound very similar, so new listeners might have a little trouble telling them apart.  You can check out the video to see who has which part.  But that similarity gives them a nice, mellifluous sound that floats over the beat and hits the listener like a breath of warm are on a cold night.

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