Declaring that all she wants for Christmas is quality time with the man she loves, Gloria Prince paints a pretty holiday picture in song.

Over a smoothed out, acoustic guitar-led production, Prince declares that she doesn’t need all the trapping of the holiday as long as the ones she loves is near.  The best part of this song is that it feels romantic and centered around the emotion of the season.  Yes; she could easily be talking about spending some time in bed on Christmas, but she doesn’t explicitly say that and it leaves the listener some room to interpret as they wish.

Prince’s vocals are sweet but confident as she sounds almost plaintive for her man to come be with her.  It doesn’t sound desperate, though; she just sounds like she’s making the Christmas wish of her life.  Her delivery is perfect as a song like this is meant to highlight the singer.  She doesn’t go all out with the adlibs, but she doesn’t go just straight through either.  There’s enough to keep a listener engaged.

This could be replayed all season if you’re with the one you love.

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