Eric Bellinger drops a new Christmas track because…Eric Bellinger.

Not that he hasn’t done it before; both Your Favorite Christmas Songs and Dabbin’ On Christmas show that the singer has an affinity for the holiday with one showing a more classic sensibility and the other more modern.  This time, he kind of splits the difference a little and gives us a smooth R&B track…about getting it in on Jesus’ birthday.

This is going to be a take it or leave it track for a lot of people.  Bellinger sounds good (despite the autotune) and the production has the slow knock and lower register tones that make it a good babymaker.  The only thing that might turn some people off is the lyrics.  They are very explicit about the sexual part (not raunchy though) and it’s not particularly romantic.  It jumps from all the material things he got her straight to the sex, as if it’s expected.  Had he added just a little something in about how good she’s been to him all year or a more emotional connection, this might have come off a little better.

It’s a cool add to your Christmas lovin’ playlist and worth a few listens, but it’s not particularly memorable.