Come through, Hoody!

Hoody is one of those artists that is really hard to get a handle on because of how little promotion she gets.  If it weren’t for her being an honorary member of the AOMG crew, most people wouldn’t know who she was.  And because she rarely appears in music videos and never gets live stages, most people don’t know what she looks like either.

But that’s okay; you will know what she sounds like and you will love it.

Including the previously released singles Like You and By Your Side, Hoody makes her mark and makes it well.  We called her our Korean Sevyn Streeter and this project has us sticking hard with that opinion.  Her voice is sweet and light (in the gentle way, not the breathy way), but she knows how to use her instrument to its fullest potential.  Whether it’s adding a hint of determination or a dash of sex appeal, she does what a lot of singers with this type of vocal delivery don’t always do; keep you focused on her throughout the entire project.

Not that the beats aren’t good.  While the fastest track on the set is By Your Side, you still feel energy seeping out of every note.  A little help from Cha Cha Malone and Gray help the sounds be diverse and compelling throughout.

The lyrics (again, as far as we can tell) hang together pretty well and you get the feeling that there is a story being told here.  Because of her lack of exposure, the likelihood that we’ll get a full lyrical translation of this project is slim, but we’ll keep you posted and edit this review if out opinion changes.

We couldn’t pick favorites off of this one because of how well compiled and sequenced it is.  We will say, though, that the most skippable track in the set is probably By Your Side due to the slightly different direction and mood that it sets in comparison to the rest of the EP.