Lloyd has been busy since the release of Tru, the first single and title track of his latest project, promoting and getting the word out about his comeback.  Now, on the eve of the drop, he’s giving us another taste of what to expect.

Holding is a track about Lloyd riding around the city with his lady and his gun, ready for a good time but also ready for trouble.  Thematically, this is pretty far away from the realism of the first single, but it will remind his longtime fans of his previous work (which isn’t a bad thing).  The lyrics are pretty par for the course and don’t really go anywhere unexpected and, honestly, most listeners might tune them out after a few listens.  What is good are Lloyd’s vocals over the smooth production.  The mesh well together and create a vibe that puts you right in the mood that he wants you to be in.

Lil Wayne’s verse is actually on subject this time around and his wordplay with the theme of the track is great.  The only thing we’re going to knock him on is the use of Bonnie and Clyde as the ride-or-die goal.  Any artist who uses that example without trying to portray a dysfunctional, co-dependent, toxic relationship is missing the point.  We’ll add a couple points back for the Thelma and Lil Weezy line, though; that was genuinely clever and a better example.

It’s a good out-for-a-ride track that works for the time of year and is worth a few listens, but we hope he gives us more of the kind of music we got from his first single than this.

Lloyd’s Tru comes out tomorrow (December 9).  Click the shopping cart in the single to pre-order/purchase the EP.