If you’re as big a fan of DJ Booth as we are, you might have seen their piece on singer Lloyd and how he seemed to have stepped back from music in the last few years (except for a few tracks on Slade Da Monsta’s last freelease).  They weren’t able to get a hold of him for comment, but it seemed like he just stepped back to give himself some breathing room.  Now we’re getting the story from the horse’s mouth, though, as the singer makes a comeback with a new autobiographical track called Tru.

Over a laidback production led by an acoustic guitar, the singer informs his fans exactly what’s been going n in his life since he last put out an album (King of Hearts in 2011).  It appears that life hasn’t been smooth for the singer as he has had some major ups and downs that have taken him away from the craft he loves.  Ultimately, though, he wants to just have his music accepted for what it is and to be able to put out music that is true to his life now and not what is was when he was a younger man on Murder Inc. and Def Jam.  It contains a kind of honesty about real life that few singers who have made it in the industry want to expose about themselves and Lloyd, despite sounding almost exactly the way he did ten year ago, has the right mix of straightforward vocals and adlibs to pull it off.

No word on whether or not this will be a part of an album or freelease, but there is a rumor that we will get the long-awaited Playboy Diaries 2 sometime this year.

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