We’ve said it before; it’s never too late for a good song to get some extra attention.

Dropped a year ago as a part of his album, Until Later…, Jordan Hush gives a love song with a suggestive title that will surprise those who click the play button.  About the singer confessing the truth and depth of his feeling and asking the woman if she feels the same, this track is going to have a lot of people feeling some type of way.  It’s the kind of track that makes you immediately wonder about the state of your relationship and makes you want to get to the nitty about where things stand.

The production of the track is pretty ominous sounding initially, which works in an odd way with the theme of the track.  The first thing you think is when the person you’re involved with says they want to talk in that way that everybody recognizes.  After the intro though, it does relieve the tension a little with the addition of the pulsing, heartbeat-like drums and electric guitar as he begins to explain himself.  The lyrics match the tone of the track as he sounds serious, putting himself out on a limb the way he does, but the momentum of the track picks up as his confession escalates and it works so well.

The real showstopper on this track is Hush’s vocals.  He has a tone that is sensual without being sexual and sounds genuine in its emotions.  The tone he has absolutely sounds like someone taking the chance on what they’re saying and begging (in tone) to be let in on whatever the other person is feeling.  This is the type of  track that would absolutely fail if the singer wasn’t full invested in the performance, so the energy he gives this slow track is essential.  It takes what could have been a once-over song and makes it something you can go back to again and again.

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