Other than the fact that he’s just got a great voice, there is very little that we know about Chancellor.  He hasn’t had a ton of solo exposure and we can hardly find any of the music he did with his previous group, Duble Sidekick (that’s not misspelled).  All we do know is, based on this single, we need his first EP (My Full Name) now.

Surrender seems like a song that feels romantic in its roots but has a deeper meaning at its core.  What we can currently understand of the lyrics seems to make the song about giving yourself wholeheartedly to something or someone; we’ll know more once we get a full translation.  The vocal play between Lyn and Chancellor is pitch perfect; her soulful sweetness mesh his earnest soulfulness so well that we wish there was more of it throughout the song.  (It should be said that Chancellor excels at duets; we still love Natural Woman from Bumkey’s album.)  The production choice for this track is pretty generic and might hurt the overall listening value for some, but it’s not a deal breaker for those who like vocal performance more.

Subtitles are being added as we speak.  They usually appear in Korean first before they are translated to English.  Just click the [CC] button in the player (when it becomes available).