A lesson in why having a distinct lead single (good or bad) is essential.

Back in late January, singer Bumkey released two songs that we didn’t post on.  Better Man was a good track but, ultimately, there was very little to say about it.  Backindadayz had a nice vibe but suffered from the same level of mildness.  We decided to wait for the next single to wow us.

And then he quietly dropped an album.

U-Turn is actually a very cohesive album from start to finish and you can immediately hear how the released singles fit into a broader soundscape that wasn’t evident in their standalone state.  This is a R&B album with the vocals and the production that are meant to warm the listener and put them in that groove state.  There also seems to be an overarching theme of thankfulness for the singer being vindicated in his legal troubles and grateful to the wife who stood by him.  Listening to it makes you feel good and relaxed at ease with the world.

The biggest downside to this album is that, with exception of three or four tracks, most of the tracks don’t work as standalones.  And it’s not because they’re bad but just because, with the exception of the vocals, they fairly aurally indistinct.  Say what you want about HyunA’s How’s This? (and we did), but I will remember for a while even if we never want to hear it again.  Bumkey’s album has a lot of songs that have the opposite problem; good songs that just don’t quite stand out enough to stick with you.  The artist it’s easiest to compare him to is Kem.  His singles don’t always stand out, but his albums are usually a good listen from top to bottom and all the songs work as a unit.

Definately worth a few listens.  We just hope he brings it little more in his next outing.

Our favorite tracks are Natural Woman, Surprise, My Everything, and Amazing Grace.  The most skippable tracks are Backindadayz, and the English language Never Too Late.

Sidenote: Chancellor needs to put out an EP.  His feature on Natural Woman is evidence of that.

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