Lee Bade comes with the cool K-R&B to relax your mind and soothe your soul.

When we first heard her voice on the opening track of this EP, we thought that it was a little shallow based on how breathy she sounded.  We realized, though, that she was doing that intentionally and that she has that kind of jazzy, R&B delivery that makes gives her a unique tone and performance versatility.  It’s not what you would describe as smoky, but she balances her upper and lower register on a razor’s edge, making a tone that feels like she’s going to go off-key but never does.

The production for the EP is fairly slow and, with the exception of the final track that delves into the acoustic, bass-driven.  There’s nothing that really stands out about the beats, but they don’t sound generic either.  They are support for her vocals and drive the mood of the songs without overshadowing the artist.

Because this appears to be the singer’s first outing and we could find little about her English, that more than likely means that we’re not going to get a translation of any of these tracks.  Lyrically (from what we can tell), the meanings of the tracks do have that love-song vibe at a once-over, but you get the feeling there are some deeper metaphors in there for people who fully understand the lyrics.

Our favorite tracks are Drug and Memories.  The most skippable is 오렌지.

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