The single for this track came out in July, but this is perfect time of year to get some more attention to this by releasing a video.

Over a beat that has a laidback vibe (that we think contains a sample to go along with the lyrics on the chorus; we just can’t place it), the singer lets a man know that, while she’s not in it for the long haul with him, he can be her thing for the night.  The sound of her voice is so sweet here, but it works so well with the thump of the bass on the production.  The lyrics are pretty par for the course and take the track down a little, but it’s still a good listen and a little bit of a change of pace for Kehlani, who can be deeper but doesn’t always have to be.

As for the video itself, that second verse and chorus choreography was great.  Because she actually doesn’t do a ton of videos for her singles, we sometimes forget that she does have the visuals to go with the sound.  This is a good balance of sexy and fun and we like when we get to see her in this element.