We now know how we feel about this.

Nick Cannon’s musical discography can be best described as uneven.  While he has a few good track in there, a lot of what he has done feels like he’s just not quite polished enough.

The vocals of K. Michelle lull you into a false sense of security as she sets a degree of delivery that Cannon just can’t meet.  Between his lackluster singing, the track only really having one verse, and the monotonous repetition, this track feels like a throwaway that was put on the set to offer something a little more sentimental and to fuel whatever try-hard rumor he’s playing into right now.

And, if we’re going to honest, most of the freelease feels like this.  Tracks like My Side Of The Story give hints of what could have been (and even that has some really questionable lyrics), but a lot of this depends on the listener ignoring Cannon and investing in the featured singer and really good production.  There is something here for people who are more about the sound and not the content, but it’s a download-at-your-own-risk project for most people.

The Gospel Of Ike Turn Up is out now.  Click the button below the player to download it for free.


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