Originally featured as a solo on her latest album, Glory, Britney Spears adds a hint of Tinashe to the track for its single debut…

…and a hint is all you’re going to get because it is hard to tell who’s singing when on this.  This track is actually perfect for Tinashe’s lower register and it’s a shame she didn’t use it more (she starts the second verse with it before going back up to match Spears in tone and delivery.  Actually, there is the high chance that the bulk of Tinashe’s contribution is more to background vocals.  They really could have just released the original version.

As for the song itself, while not the best track on Glory, it is one of the better ones and the island sound fits into the current mode that radio singles seem to be gravitating towards right now.  About a freak night with her man, Spears sounds pretty much like she always has, though there is a lot less autotune on her this time.  The lyrics are okay and the imagery contained therein is actually pretty good.  It’s a good track for a party when you’re transitioning to the slower, more sensual playlist at the end of the night.  Worth a few listens but not all that memorable.