Jhené Aiko, despite how people view her discography as a whole, has never been purely a singer of introspective music (she is the one that told us that a man had to eat the booty like groceries, after all).  Her latest track, which we are unsure as to whether it is a part of the upcoming Twenty88 sophomore effort or her own solo project, has the singer putting on her swag hat and letting her man know that she will put it down like no other woman before her.

The sexy but energetic song has Aiko bragging about her sexual prowess in pretty lewd terms, but her sweet voice makes it come off better than you think.  The eclectic melody of the beat as she alternates between singing and rapping creates an interesting effect for the mood of the track that catches you immediately.  Her vocals are also stronger than most people expect from her, likely due to her putting a little more confidence in the delivery so that she doesn’t sound like a scared little girl trying to talk big.

The big think about this song is that it does feel a little bit more like something her sister would do, but these two have always had a similar style (with each gravitating more to different ends of the musical spectrum), so it just could be the fact that Mila J has been the one putting more tracks like this out in the past three years.  Definatley not everyone’s cup of tea, but worth a few listens nontheless.

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