It seems that M.I.L.F.$ may only be appearing on the deluxe edition of Double Duchess because this track is now being heralded as the first official single from the album.

Life Goes On may not be as bombastic as the previous release, but it is just a better song.  Leaning more toward the pop lane, this song is about how you have to keep things moving even when things aren’t great and it means you have to work harder.

Vocally, this track doesn’t have the singer/rapper giving those hardcore vocals that we got on the bridge of M.I.L.F.$ (the best part of the song), but the mellow tenor of her voice is a perfect fit for the mood set by the somewhat laidback production of the track.  And the production is probably the most hit-or-miss part of the track, being a little too cool for the theme but having a nice sound, especially with the acoustic guitar and what sounds like a shakuhachi in the instrumental breaks.  The lyrics are pretty good with a solid message, even though they do have some sections that descend into cliché.

It’s a feel-good, empowerment song that comes a pretty good time.  Worth a few listens and has us a little less distressed about the direction of the album as a whole.