She was probably going for Fergalicious, but ended up with London Bridge 2016.

Fergie makes her long-awaited, full track, comeback with dark and bouncy M.I.L.F.$.  The reason we make the London Bridge comparison is that, despite how they feel about it now, that song didn’t go over so well when it was released.  It did grow on people after a while, especially when heard in sequence on the album, but it was initially greeted with skepticism.  This song will likely be the same.

Everything about this track seems to be aimed at making the video work.  The beat is simultaneously minimal and overdone, with what is there feeling like its trying too hard to be something it’s not.  The second verse is a clear rip of Nicki Minaj’s flow on Feelin’ Myself, but she manages to sell the rest of her flow.  On the upside, the lyrics are, for the most part, good with the chorus actually feeling more tacked on to be catchy than as a theme header (although, the point is that she’s been working so hard for so long that her money has come with maturity, but it doesn’t always read like that).  On the downside, with the exception of the well done bridge about halfway through, where Fergie sings the hell out of it and reminds us why Wild Orchid should have been bigger, the song is massively forgettable.

This song is extra disappointing when you realize that we still didn’t get the full version of Hungry (1st Byte).

The visual features famous mommies throughout the spectrum of fame (Chrissie Tiegen, Kim Kardashian, Ciara, etc.) showing off their hotness to full effect.