Go ‘head, Keke!

Naming this short set after herself (Lauren is Palmer’s first name) this string of music videos is tied together loosely by shots of the singer in various studios recording and explaining what the tracks mean to her, but this is actually impressive musically.

The biggest thing we notice is that, despite what she’s trying to say in respect to her maybe being a little harder than the little girl turned teen icon that she’s become, is that there is a lot of posturing here.  Palmer is dropping lots of N-bombs and F-bombs that she has shied away from in her previous efforts.  Despite that, though, the songs are still pretty enjoyable.  They are well-written with clear mean that has enough unique phrasing to make things interesting and the more mature content seems to be a better fit for her because she seems more energized than she did on some of her previous tracks before Reverse Psychology and Yellow Lights (those two tracks, unfortunately, are not included in this project).

To her credit, Palmer does really seem to care about what she’s saying and how she says it.  There appears to be lot of effort put into the lyrics and production so that everything flows well.  She also has her own, unique tone when it comes to singing that, while still sounding a little young, shows improvement over older tracks and a range of tone could be where she’s headed as she gets older.

Our favorite tracks are Pressure and Hands Free with the most skippable being Doubtful.

Lauren is available from all digital outlets now.