We’ll say this about Keke Palmer; she’s coming with a lot more substance than a lot of people older than her.

Taking on some of the sacrifice-for-love narrative that women are often supposed to adopt when they are cheated on, Palmer asked the question as to whether the same courtesies would be granted to her if she cheated on her man with someone else…or a lot of someone elses.  While there are a women who have done songs about this or similar subjects in the past (Ciara, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson), it never hurts to hear it again considering how many artists (both male and female) have the expectation that the man will ultimately be forgiven as a part of their lyrical progression.  And it also never hurts to hear it from a younger generation.

As for the other elements of the track, they are pretty well done.  Palmer’s vocals are solid and her adlibs actually add a little gravitas to her tone as she occasionally dips out of her higher register for a moderate growl.  The acoustic guitar production allows you to really focus on what she saying and allows her vocals to be the highlight.  There is also the added benefit that it eliminates any sass that could come across in her wording, making the song feel a lot more serious about the direction of the relationship as opposed to something that she is saying off the cuff because she’s angry.

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