We told ya’ll you weren’t ready…

When we saw the announcement of  Common’s Black America Again about a month ago, we knew we were in for something special.  Common is one of those rappers who has the credibility to speak on the ills of the community while still bringing an uplifting message.

The title track to the album is just a time capsule of #BlackLivesMatter, the larger New Civil Rights movement, and a lesson as how the arc has bent sense we were brought to this country.  A somewhat discordant production works well with the theme as the rapper speaks on all the chaos that comes with Black life in America and how the system, no matter how it is arranged to keep us down, never succeeds as long as we come together and do the work to overcome.  Stevie Wonder only comes in at the end, but it’s a beautiful punctuation on the piece.  The interesting part?  As the track fades out,  the music begins to smooth

The Day Women Took Over is an interesting take on what Common sees as what could be made better if Black women received respect from Black men.  It’s a simple primace, but considering the words of some other rappers out there, it’s nice to have a man back us up every once and a while.  BJ The Chicago Kid does a good job on the chorus (although we wish there was more of him) and the seventies style production is smooth with just a little attitude.  The outro of the track is poem from Common about coming up in Chicago and remember where he came from while still pursuing his dreams.  It leads into the next track, Rain, that features John Legend.

Black America Again is available for purchase from all digital markets.