Tinashe breaks loose!

RCA Records is apparently still refusing to release, her second official album, but she’s not letting that stop her.  Just like with Aquarius, she has been working on a mixtape alongside the label-approved project and she’s taken the initiative to release it to the public.  The only difference is that you have to pay for it this time.

We’ve always been bigger fans of Mixtape Tinashe and Nightride this brings the musicality from projects like Amethyst and Black Water while upping the production values.  It should be noted that this set does not include Player or Superlove…which is fine with us because we weren’t particularly fond of those songs (it does feature Party Favors and Company, though).  We’re still working through our overall feelings of the project (it’s only been out for a little over an hour)

The first track we’re featuring is Lucid Dreaming and we think it encapsulates what was going through Tinashe’s head when she decided to drop this.  The singer lets it be known that she is taking ownership of her life and the decisions made in it; something that has been a theme of her work since the beginning.  The vocal effects on the track, while plentiful in sections, do not override the beauty of her natural voice which is shown in full force here.  The production falls in line with what you expect from this side of the singer; R&Bass with an ethereal quality and it is still the best fit for this tone of her voice.  The lyrics are well written and show some of the personality that we didn’t get from the more mainstream releases (that got videos).

The second track we are feeling is Sacrifices.  It makes sense that this precedes Company on the album because it feels like a companion piece to that track.  This track describes what probably goes down in the bedroom when she calls that guy from who she has no attachment to beyond the benefits.  The dark beat accentuates the confidence she exudes on this track while adding a sexy bass so that when she tells him what she wants and asks him if he likes it, you may just want to reply for him.  What really stood out to us was the backing vocals for this track.  While there are great harmonies and backing on the entire album, this really stands out because it gives this echo quality that adds a level of sensuality to the song.  Very well crafted and very repeatable.

Nightride is currently available on iTunes for just $7.99.  Other digital outlets are expected to follow soon.