We assume that Tinashe’s next album, currently entitled Joyride, is either been put on the back burner or about to be released based on the way that her tracks have been leaking over the last week.  But the singer did manage to hold on to one to be released as a single.

Company is one of those songs that is going to turn off a certain segment of the listening audience because of the subject matter.  About the singer just looking for some sex and nothing else, this track blunt.  And while a lot of people are okay with that tone from a male singer, a female singer of this age without at a recent divorce on the books will rub some the wrong way.  But just like K. Michelle’s I Just Wanna F*ck, you can’t deny that these are real feelings that women get.

When it comes to the production, it’s oddly happy and yet very minimal.  The midi keyboard sound topped by a rolling drum beat and the occasional horn-like synth should make this very disinterest, but Tinashe’s vocals make it worth the listen.  In a lot of ways, it reminded us of F*ckin’ Wit’ Me in that there is a lot of attitude backed in that sweetheart tone of hers.  The harmonies and spoken samples make up for what the beat doesn’t have and really makes you focus in on what she’s saying.  It’s not going to be for everybody, but the people that like it will like it a lot.

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