We are liking more and more of what we’re hearing of Bruno Mars’ new album and, the latest, is that eighties slow jam

Reminding us a little of a mixture of The Jets and Atlantic Starr in sections when it comes to production, this is a nostalgia bomb of a pop gem.  Anyone who is either into the music of the era or remembers it will immediately get what the songwriter was going for with this.  It’s that slow jam/babymaker that has it’s sex appeal without going down the rabbit hole of explicit.  The singer describes a night of romance with the woman he loves but he does it in a way that is very much about the lead up to the physical and not so much about the act itself.  If you were just going by the title, you might have thought this was another dance/party track.

Vocally, this track is one of those that could really not work if the singer didn’t have better control of his tone.  Mars strains against the limits of his range a few times, but he never breaks them.  It servers him well as it gives a little edge of anticipation to his voice that singing it more constrained might not have accomplished.  Still, we could easily see how some listeners might not be to tolerate those moments when he takes things up in tension.  If you can, though, we suggest you give this a listen.  It will be well worth it.

Mars’ third album, 24K Magic, has been pushed up a week and will now be released November 18.